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Easy Programming

The PC application allows for easy programming from a PC or Lap top. Multiple parameters may be set, to affect brightness, flicker rate, and speed for each circuit.

The flicker effects are unique to each fixture, so even if multiple fixtures are programmed with the same parameters, they will operate independently.


  • Programmable Flicker Effects
  • 60 - 1000 lumen models
  • Warm White (2700-2000k) and Amber color options
  • Low Voltage (Class II)
  • Multiple color temperatures
  • Standard and Candelabra Base or,
    1/8" NPT All-Thread Mounting
  • Custom configurations available
  • Vertical LEDs to enhance flame effect
  • Frosted Glass Candelabra
  • Standard and Custom Models
  • Optional DMX-512 Interface

Flicker Flame

LED Flicker Flame lamps resemble a traditional Candelabra bulb. The unique vertical LED Configuration adds additional spacing between the two flicker circuits to enhance the sense of movement. Flicker flame, Fire, and Candle effects can be created for each fixture. The effects are individually programmable with flexibility to simulate a variety of flicker effects from a subtle glow to a raging inferno. No lookup tables or pre-recorded effects are used; each channel is truly random and unique.

DMX-512 Support

Normally the fixtures are configured to operate without any external control. For some applications it is desirable to remotely control some of the fixtures, to change overall brightness of the Flicker Effect. DMX-512 models allow mapping any of the standard functions to a remote DMX-512 console or show controller.

Color Temperature Options

Multiple color temperatures available, from 2000 to 5000K.

USB or IR operation

USB models use an external flicker controller, which allows for brighter lamps, and remote programming when the fixture is not easily accessible.

With IR models, no physical connection is required to program the fixture, just point the programmer at the fixture to change the settings.

Specials are no problem

Products are custom manufactured to meet specific needs.

Systems are supplied as a complete package including Lamp Head, Controller or Programmer (depending upon model), and Power Supply.

Please contact us to discuss your application.

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